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Home Décor Styles making a comeback in 2023


Staying on top of trends in home décor is an important element of being able to understand a market and be able to offer customers what they want in 2023. While these décor styles might be popular in home styles – they are not limited to homes. It is not uncommon to see office spaces, restaurants and even other retail establishments emulating these looks in 2023.

  1.        Warm & Cozy

  In the last 5 – 10 years minimalist and cool toned homes have been a huge interior décor trend. That's why it is no surprise as one trend runs it's course the opposite begins to creep back into style. We will be seeing more and more people gravitate back to a warm, cozy and more maximalist style in 2023. This means changes to colours and designs that emulate this trend. Even home layouts may see changes to reflect cozy nooks and corners that cool, modern home layouts do not always provide.


  1.        Nature's Elements

With the comeback of mid-century style and love for natural materials such as wood and stone – it makes sense that we will see a bigger focus on elements of nature in design come 2023. Woods, stones and other natural materials in colours and finishes that look raw and natural are sure to be popular.


  1.        Homage to the old

Property owners now more than ever are showing a greater interest on the history of their properties and paying homage to the era they were built. Instead of gutting and flipping – restoration with designs and materials that reflect the original home are the desired choice.

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