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5 ways to improve customer relationships in 2023 

The relationships one has with their customers can make or break a business and should always be tended to. Here are 5 ways to improve customer relationships in 2023. 


Focus less on the sale: Statistics show sales professionals often pitch customers long before they're ready to make a purchase, which can feel pushy and uncaring. Instead, take the time to get to know each customer and what they're looking for. By focusing less on the immediate, short-term pitch and sale, you can build a longer-term customer relationship that can lead to repeat sales. 

Adapt to their pace: If a customer picks up the phone and is clearly in a hurry, don't slow them down with small talk and pleasantries. But if a customer calls and wants to chat, make sure you don't rush them off the phone. Adapt to their needs! 

Match your customer habits: Make it easier to have relationships with customers by using the same types of technology and communication channels that they do. Research how your customers tend to shop, and what social platforms they use, and then make your brand accessible inthose spaces.  

 Respond right away: When customers can trust that you'll reply to their needs right away, they'll have the incentive to keep using your services and build a long-term relationship. 

 Remember that relationships are built overtime: While it is important to make an effort with customers, it is not possible to hit a home run with every conversation. Not every interaction will lead to something huge – but over time every small interaction leads to knowing your customer better  

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